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Start your own business, we will take care that it will be effective!

Enter information

Enter parcel sender`s and recipient`s information.

Measure your parcel

Measure the parcel sides - length, width, height.

Select the payer and set cash-on-delivery

Delivery can be paid by the sender or recepient of the package. The package can be sent by cash on delivery. 

Pay online and print your parcel label

Pay online with your creditcard, print the parcel label and stick it on the parcel.

Send a parcel over the WEB.

Create a parcel label with just a few mouse clicks, pay delivery charges online, and request parcel collection if needed. With Easy-Start virtually the entire dispatch process is digital. The programme allows you to organise everything online – only the parcel itself is "offline" on the road. You bring it to the GLS ParcelShop or ask GLS to collect it when placing the order online. We also cater to those who wish to use our cash-on-delivery service. You can select between several options as the service is easy to order, and the money will be transferred to the listed bank account. You can dispatch your parcel in one of the Parcel Shops that can be found all over Slovakia, send the parcel via one of the many self-service kiosks or order a driver to pick your parcel up at your address.

GLS offers convenient parcel delivery solutions to companies and individuals with relatively small parcel volumes.. Start your own business and we will ensure that it will be efficient!

To view the complete offer, please visit the GLS Slovakia website.